" AI Powered Spread Platform " that can also generate automated insights into credit clients and auto prepares pitch books

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About Quantum

A new Intelligence in automation.

QUANTUM leverages our patent pending CESM model for instant, accurate and reliance financial spread- designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the wholesale financial spreading function. QUANTUM reads the financial statements provided by clients, automatically interprets it, and delivers an analysis report.

This application automatically handles critical functions such as trend analysis, critical ratios analysis, industry benchmarking, and peer group comparison, which are required for the overall credit decision. It also supports various accounting standards, such as the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), US-GAAP, and other local GAAPs. QUANTUM helps financial institutions save millions of man-hours and allows a significant reduction in the time and resources required for successful credit reviews

Quantum Highlights

Multi lingual AI spread model

Our patent pending CESM advanced AI algorithm allows automated extraction and adjustments of corporate financials

Formatted pitch book

Quantum will auto-generate a sales pitchbook that will contain answered questions from the borrower’s side about the company performance, operations, and reported financials insights

Covenants and Triggers

Custom or standard triggers for financial metrics breaches can be set for a particular borrower/ portfolio. Additionally workflow features support monitoring and reporting

Audit trail & Version control

Allows auditability to underlying formulas and financials within documents when extracted through CESM; and additionally, supports data lineage from data vendors

Customizable spread templates

Templates are configured through Excel, which can also define the positions in the statements, including nested hierarchies/ subaccounts

Projections & Stress test

Run either customized scenarios or leverage our out of box scenario analysis templates and functionalities, and save multiple scenarios such as Base case, Management case and Best case

Workflow support

Quantum provides a standard workflow which is easily configurable to the organization’s needs, thus integrating the review/approval (e.g. 4-eyes principle), audits, and productivity metrics.

Data vendor integrations

Lorem Open API architecture allows easy integration with data providers such as S&P, Reuters etc. or with internal client PD models and/or loan systems

Quantum Value Proposition

Loading Factor

Increase # of clients per spreading analyst by 90% within 12 months

Data Quality

Get same accounting adjustment every time and reduce variabilities. Return for rework can reduced by 75%

Turnaround Time

Lower turnaround time per spread by almost 80%

Increase Client Experience

Faster loan decisioning , and instant spreading/ PD evaluations increase client satisfaction by a much as 60%

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