" Powerful Loan Platform " that streamlines loan origination, AI insights, underwriting, credit admin & reporting services for Banks & FIs

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E2E automation of Underwriting & Risk processes

CRM integrations to allow visibility from acquisition to booking

Data Digitization and
improved DQ

Drive to common
operating model


Loan process perfected.

The banking industry is facing pressure from regulators, a challenging competitive environment, changing customer expectations and outdated technology. In order to combat these challenges, financial institutions need to balance growth, profitability, efficiency and risk, all while exceeding customer and TAT expectations.

Our proprietary comprehensive, integrated, interoperable, and modular loan platform Planck replaces disparate systems within the institution with one digital/mobile-enabled solution that streamlines loan origination, underwriting, credit administration and portfolio management services. Leveraging our AI enablers, Open API interfaces and out of box integrations with CRM platforms- we enable financial institutions to truly dominate the marketplace and wow their customers!

Planck Highlights

Loan Origination

Allows RMs and underwriters to capture and manage deal information required to support the analysis & approval of a credit request- both new loans and renewals

Customer Management

Manage relationship information of the customer (including legal hierarchy) to assess credit risk and prospects for new deals. It comes with out of box integration with Microsoft and Salesforce CRM platforms

Credit Analysis

Enables user to perform in-depth analysis of a credit request to assess the risk. This comes integrated with QUANTUM, and can be further linked with in-house spreading , rating and LGD calculators.

Loan Approvals

Allows for features enabling risk approvers to easily view the loan package details and approve based on predefined workflow rules- both in the platform and via email. This is fully configurable by client’s credit policy needs

Covenants & Triggers

Planck provides ability to proactively create, monitor and maintain both financial and qualitative triggers with defaults based on industry & segment. The app also allows for flexible covenant review periods- Monthly, Quarterly, Annual or by specific dates.

Document Management

Powered by airBin- our loan document repository enables users to search, view, print, store and manage all customer related documents. This also benefits from airBin AI capabilities to supercharge your document operations

Loan administration

Allows management of product lines that can be offered to bank’s customers- including account set up, line management, BASEL attribute updates and drawdown executions. The modules is built on open APIs that can easily be connected to reporting systems and client’s product processors such Oracle, Loan IQ, AFS etc.

Document Administration

Supports the tracking and management of any documents, document related events and document reporting throughout the life cycle of the loan. The document requirements can be configurable per client’s procedures and configurable based on products, collaterals and guarantees.

Early Warning

Identifies customers who demonstrate characteristics of financial stress and creates an overall assessment report. based on pre-defined and / or customizable triggers , and actions workflows for appropriate EW teams. The EW workflows can be integrated with core banking platforms, and CRM platforms for RM actioning.

Collateral Monitoring

Collateral and collateral related events and collateral reporting require tracking and maintenance throughout the loan lifecycle and even later for management of approved products

Collateral Admin

Comes prebuilt with all BASEL related attributes, data controls and allows clients to easily adhere to local regulatory data and reporting rules. Built on open APIs, it allows easy integration to client’s product processors

Real estate Appraisal

Our AI enabled appraisal toolkit allows for auto extraction of real estate appraisal records in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese

MIS Reporting

Our reporting module produces operational reports based on function, portfolio reports based on country and segment, and ad-hoc reports. This app can be easily integrated with in house data warehouse and client ODS as part of implementation activities.


Our intuitive, interactive, responsive & customizable interface allows a 360 view of the customer loan workflows. Within a few clicks, users can access pertinent information related to their entitled relationships and make intelligent & informed credit decisions

Workflow Engine

Our workflow engine automates every step in underwriting process with standardized and/or custom actions. Deal participants always have option to perform the tasks in more than one order along with the freedom to choose the optimal path.

AI powered

A.I. capabilities to assist with decisioning actions via continuous machine learning


Access to the platform modules, approval roles and entitled customers is determined by user’s functional role and data group.

Product Processor ready

Our library of open APIs allow easy integration with product processors such as LoanIQ, AFS , FLEXCUBE etc. for exposure management & disbursements

PLANCK Value Proposition

Reduction in CoC due to improved EW and Monitoring

Increase in loading of credit workflows per analyst

AI driven credit insights reduces underwriting time

Powerful rules engine provide guardrails and reduce compliance costs

One stop lending platform reduces disparate legacy systems costs

Decrease in cost of credit

Increase in client coverage per underwriter

Reduction in total cost of ownership of loan systems

Reduction in Policy compliance costs

Reduction loan TAT

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