"AI powered KYC Platform " combines traditional platform features around workflows, data vendor integrations , dispositions & 360 view

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White Glove

Single customer touchpoint Online and time customer outreach

Dynamic Dax Checklist

Risk driven conditional document collection in real time

Data Automation

Touchless data entry

Cognitive Embedded

KYC processes with AI/ML and cognitive embedded


Non Liner cost of compliance and scale

Single Client View

Rapid decisioning effective data management


About CLYC

Your KYC Compliance Connection

It’s one issue to ensure KYC compliance, it’s an all-together far greater issue to deliver compliance in a manner that is cost-effective, scalable and doesn’t unduly burden the customer. CLYC harnesses the power of AI and smart case management to allow financial institutions manage KYC commitments with reduced costs. Its advanced reporting and workflow capabilities meets the broad scope of regulatory demands.

The platform is built on open APIs which can integrate with in house compliance and finance systems to provide a 360 client KYC dashboard for quicker decisioning

Clyc Highlights

Client outreach & Doc collection

Touchless data entry leveraging NLP. Automated document collection and extraction of meta data and risk factors from submitted documents

Customer Identification

API services allow integration to in-house customer management platforms & data vendors such as LexisNexis, Clear etc. to allows automated verification services.

UBO setups

Allow buildout of rich KYC profiles( parents & subsidiaries) and automated BO checks leveraging dynamic scoring entities

Name screening & negative news

Automated execution of screening and AI/ ML led disposition. Integrate non traditional data sources for information related to sanctions, terrorist rings etc.

Intelligent Case management

Automated workflow ranking and analytics based rules for case management for the KYC Ops team/ cell

360 Client KYC dashboard

One view of client globally. Includes robust dashboards to support drill down KRIs and enable rapid user decisions using advanced visualizations

CLYC Impact

Reduced Operational Costs from streamlined/ reduced KYC cases

Integrated customer risk ranking per clients risk models

AI enabled UBO analysis increases accuracy & speed

AI enabled doc processing for data extraction and risk profile

AI enabled name & negative news adjudication

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