" AI Powered Cloud Based " document management platform with smart tag and workflow features

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About airBin

Document Management Made Modern

The ever-increasing migration of organizations to digital systems places a demand for a platform for managing digital documents effectively. airBin is not a mere cloud storage platform, airBin is a self-absolving system that can automate the management of digital documents by businesses featuring supervised machine learning, artificial intelligence, storage, security, version control, and workflow management.

airBin allows the manual and automated upload of documents to the platform tagged to individual deals, products and collaterals. Users can leverage metadata and powerful smart search functions to retrieve documents at lightning speed. The cataloguing feature uses machine learning functions to improve the accuracy of document filings and performing QC on signature matching, contract verification etc. It even tracks the location of physical documents with integration to bar code software. airBin is the only solution you will ever need for management of digital records.

airBin Highlights

Centralized Storage

Cloud based repository with simultaneous upload and download features. Open APIs make the platform easily integrable to in-house systems

AI and ML

AI is used to assigning document to a particular folder based on proprietary classification algorithm and ML is used for document QC

Smart Tagging

Allows tagging of documents by products, credit deals, collaterals etc. for smart search and reporting.

Audit & Compliance

Provide complete version control and accountability to run timestamped activity reports. airBin supports HIPAA, FINRA, SEC compliance and more

360 Dashboard & Workflow support

Gives a 360 view of the client documentations including inbox actions, alerts of document expiry and team/ group space


Documents are encrypted using bank standard AES-256 bit encryption. Flexible entitlements control access to Confidential/ PII data and internal data

airBin Value Proposition

Infrastructure Costs

Infrastructure Costs

Consolidate disparate legacy
infrastructure to a centralized repository


Reduction in
infra costs



Increase in C\X

Client Experience

Cloud based platform with mobile interface and open API

Infrastructure Costs
Infrastructure Costs

TAT Improvement

AI based cataloguing and QC improve TAT dramatically


Decrease in TAT



lower in audit

Less Audit Issues

Every document is linked to deals, products, collateral and guarantees

Infrastructure Costs
Infrastructure Costs

Operations Productivity

Smart tags and AI improve Operations productivity to next level


Increase in Ops productivity for


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